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9788293655039 - T.O. Norseman: The Lure of Power - Bok

T.O. Norseman (?):

The Lure of Power (2017) (?)

Levering fra: NorgeBoken er engelskNy bokdigital bestille, eBook, e-bokprodukt for digital nedlasting

9788293655039 (?) eller 8293655038

, på engelsk, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, Nye, eBook, digital nedlasting
15,31 (US$ 1,99)¹(gratis frakt, uten forpliktelser)
Fra selger/Antikvar
The Lure of PowerThor Audunson is bored, bored with normality, with his work and his general life. To be out of the chaotic, action filled life he has lived for some time feels like being left out. He gets an apprentice, and then things suddenly changes. One day they encounter a mysterious old man, and they tap into a part of history better left alone. With the contact to this special man they also become targets for something so much bigger than a simple historian from Norway. The Order they had knocked heads with before, are still on the hunt for world dominion. When Thor realizes he has to fight once again, he wants this fight to be on home turf. He brings the action to the Scandinavian forests. The forests between Norway and Sweden contain parts that are still not explored. Legends live here in full life, and our friends encounters more than one of these old entities on their quest.
Selger nummer: 3ee6c228-2c18-4f24-8e04-40a4b3812803
Plattformen ordrenummer 100179788293655039
Kategori: Fiction & Literature
Søkeord: The Lure of Power T.O. Norseman Action & Adventure Fiction & Literature 9788293655039
Data fra 15.02.2018 22:18h
ISBN (alternativ notasjoner): 82-93655-03-8, 978-82-93655-03-9


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