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9788293655015 - T.O. Norseman: Betrayal of Faith
T.O. Norseman (?):

Betrayal of Faith (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9788293655015 (?) eller 8293655011, på engelsk, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, Nye, eBook, digital nedlasting

15,42 (US$ 1,99)¹(gratis frakt, uten forpliktelser)
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Betrayal of faithIn the beginning it was a blob, barely conscious of itself. As times goes by he finds a way to use his powers in his limited confinement. He can't leave his cave, but he can extend his mind. Over time, he finds the minds of humans, and what he finds in those minds, is a longing for believing in something bigger than them. He uses this, and as time goes by, he corrupts every religion into believing in him as their highest god. When Thor releases the legacy of Mimer, destroying the curse, the entity wants to retaliate. As his revenge, he grabs Karl Longwalk. Thor is a grown man. On his way to martial art practice he interferes with the beheading of a Muslim woman, and is mortally injured. Ivan Wolf is the master of the dojo and saves Thor after killing the assailants. Thor is left in a coma. While in coma, Thor experience things that will change his life forever. His life soon spins out of control, and he becomes involved in a spiral of violence, changes and mystery that also inflict general society. Karl Longwalk faces his own ghosts, and on the way realizes how much his own life is entwined with the young man he once approached.
Selger nummer: 4433c5b9-51ff-4161-ba8a-4693a26548c0
Plattformen ordrenummer Kobobooks.com: 100179788293655015
Kategori: Fiction & Literature
Søkeord: Betrayal of Faith T.O. Norseman Action & Adventure Fiction & Literature 9788293655015
Data fra 15.02.2018 22:18h
ISBN (alternativ notasjoner): 82-93655-01-1, 978-82-93655-01-5


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